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[학습] [KUPT] 20-1 KUPT Program for International Students(General Course, EMC Tutor/ODT Tutee)(※Schedule is changed)
  • Date 2020.01.31
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Application Guide for 2020-1 KUPT(Korea University Peer Tutoring) Program

▶ KUPT(Korea University Peer Tutoring) Program is a kind of cooperative learning supporting program, aiming effective learning, getting help from peers(senior or classmate), not from professor.

Please refer to the poster and attachments for the detailed instructions and forms.


※ Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus in Korea, we have decided to delay the schedule of KUPT program.

※ You can check the changed schedule below. (2nd change, As of Feb 25)

  Before Changed Schedule(2nd)

On-Demand/Special Group Tutor Recruitment


February 12(Wed)~February 25(Tue) February 19(Wed)~March 11(Wed)

General Course / EMC Skills Tutee Recruitment


February 12(Wed)~February 28(Fri) February 19(Wed)~March 11(Wed)

Tutor Training

February 27(Thur) Canceled



March 11(Wed)


(Announced later)

Period of


March 11(Wed)~June 12(Fri) April 6(Mon)~June 19(Fri)

Interim Meeting

April 28(Tue), April 29(Wed) March 12(Tue), March 13(Wed)

Final Briefing Session


June 22(Mon) June 29(Mon)

*For questions about KUPT : kuctl@korea.ac.kr / 02-3290-1577