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[Center for Teaching and Learning] 2022-2 BK21 KUPT+ Call for Participants (Tutor)
  • Date 2022.09.01
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Greetings to all international graduate students studying in Korea University.

The Center for Teaching and Learning runs a peer tutoring program for full time-students enrolled in the BK21 Education Research Group(Team).

Korea University CTL is currently recruiting tutors to participate in this semester’s KUPT+ program with the following topics.

For students who are interested in applying for the tutor position please check the attached application guide and required documents below, and register within the given period (09.18(Sun) 23:59).


1. Tutoring Topic

 1) English Speaking for Academic Purposes

 2) Quantitative Research Methods through Data Analysis Tools

 3) Major Subjects for Coursework (On-Demand Topics)

For those who wish to participate in a Major Subject for Coursework On-Demand Tutoring Group, please make sure to apply as a group with more than 2 tutees.

Please inform the tutees to fill out <Format 3. Tutee Application Form> that starts from the 6th page of the attachment file.


2. Qualifications

 - Graduate students of Korea University Seoul Campus registered in BK21 Education Research Group(Team)

 - Full time graduate students and ABD(All but Dissertation) students who have completed one’s coursework are eligible to apply for this tutor position.

Please check the attached files to make sure your affiliation is part of a BK21 Education Research Group(Team).

After being selected as a tutor, you will be required to turn in documents that verify your level of expertise (ex: certificate, academic transcript, resume, etc.).


3. Mandatory Tutoring Activities

 - Participating in Major Events (Orientation and Final Seminar)

 - Submission of Tutoring Curriculum (Should specify your plans of teaching materials and activities)

 - Submission of Weekly Reports

 - Submission of Attendance Verification Reports

 - Submission of Final Report

 - Participating in Pedagogical Workshops Provided by CTL

The formats for the required documents will be provided from the center


4. Tutor Benefits

 - For tutors who have participated in the program for more than 20 hours/12weeks, Certificate of Completion and Tutoring Scholarship (750,000) will be provided

 - For tutors who have participated for more than 15 hours and less than 20 hours, only a Confirmation of Completion will be provided

 - Lecture halls and conference rooms located in the SK Future Hall and Media Hall will be provided for offline tutoring purposes


5. 2022-2 KUPT+ Program Schedule

 - Tutor Recruitment: 09.05.(Mon) ~ 2022.09.18.(Sun)

 - Tutee Recruitment: 09.05.(Mon) ~ 2022.09.18.(Sun)

 - Selection and Tutoring Group Matching Period: 09.19.(Mon) ~ 2022.09.25.(Sun)

 - Orientation: 09.30.(Fri)

 - Tutoring Period: 10.04.(Tue) ~ 2022.12.26.(Mon)

 - Final Reporting Seminar: 01.09.(Mon)


6. How to Register

Registration through E-mail: (kuctl@korea.ac.kr)

E-mail Subject Line: [2022-2 KUPT+] Tutor_(Name)_(Subject Matter)

Attachment File Naming: [2022-2 KUPT+] Tutor Application_(Name)_(Subject Matter)