How to use the website for blind This is how to use the websites for blind persons. HOME > Index > How to use the website for blind
This page contains helpful information for the people who have less access to information. Method to use only the keyboard, directions to setup screen reader “Dream Voice” and its manual are introduced here.
  How to use the Korea University CTL homepage by using only keyboard You can use this homepage without a mouse.
You can move to another point (left to right, up to down) by using the TAB key.
In order to move backward, use Shift + TAB
After moving by TAB, you may use ENTER key in order to enter the menu and see the submenus.
Submenu consists of Introduction/current affairs, How to use/network, and IT Education/Certification.
Screen Reader DREAM VOICE What is Dream voice? What is Dream voice? : Dream voice is a software program that reads the screen of Windows, so that even blind people can use the computer by sound. Dream voice reads the change in Windows OS, and also what is written on the screen.
You can verify the screen by this device. With the Dream Voice Device, even the blind people can comfortably have access to Kor ea University Online information thchnology & service center. Information about Dream Voice Software :
Setup To setup Dream voice Version 6.0, it automatically includes voice section, so you do not need any other screen reader system or help from other person. Please follow the instructions below. (Please make sure that you have enough space in your hard disk be fore you proceed.) 1) Place the Dream Voice 6.0 CD-Rom or run setup.exe. 2) A pop up screen will appear, and there are two buttons to click-Okay and Stop. You may just simply press ENTER,and the pr ocess will run automatically. If you click STOP button, the setup program will be closed. 3) Next, a pop up screen asking for “Automatic setup” will appear, and there are four buttons-YES, NO, BACK, and STOP. You ma y just simply press ENTER, and the process will run automatically. (Automatic setup is recommended.) 4) The Process will run automatically. 5) After the automatic setup process ends, a pop up which verifies that the software has been successfully installed, will appear. The pop up will ask whether you would like to restart your computer. You must restart your PC in order to complete the setup pro cess. Thus, you may just simply press ENTER in order to restart. How to use Dream Voice If you let Dream Voice program run automatically when the computer is booted, Dream Voice will run everytime you start your computer. You can use your mouse following the Dream Voice Program. For further information about setup and the program, please refer to the manual of Dream Voice or contact Silloam Welfare Center (082-880-0500,