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CPS Pulse Rental

CPS Pulse (Clicker) is a student response system which facilitates student-teacher interaction. It captures real-time assessment data to gauge student comprehension. With CPS Pulse, an instructor can pose questions to students and receive answers via a portable receiver, view the results in chart format, and save the data for later analysis.


Enables instructors to communicate with students With the Question Selection/Pop quiz/Opinion Analysis function, instructors can receive immediate feedback from students. Provides an automatic grading system and calculates grades Provides automatic class attendance Analyzes a class's level of comprehension, and class difficulty level

Response Options

Multiple choices Yes or No True or False Numerical responses Short-answer questions (up to 140 words)

Components of CPS Pulse

CPS Pulse terminal (Clickers) CPS Pulse receiver Response Software

CPS Pulse Renting Guide

How to apply : Complete the application form and send it to the e-Learning Team at the beginning of every semester (eku@korea.ac.kr). How to rent : After you receive a confirmation e-mail from the CTL, please sign the attached consent form and visit the CTL (Anam campus, Central Plaza, Rm. 121).