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e-Stream Presto

e-Stream Presto is a program for producing video lectures, supplementary lectures, or other video files, e.g., for creating supplementary multimedia contents for classroom instruction. It enables producing, saving and managing video lectures, and saved lectures can be provided to students online (EKU) for them to play whenever and wherever they want. Please refer to the manual below (in Korean) for more details.

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The i-Book program easily digitizes personal documents, manuals, work-related materials and offline publications, and makes them available online in a viewer embedded in the web browser. It also provides web services in e-book format, similar to real books. Please refer to the manual below (in Korean) for more details.

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Power Point Templates

Power Point Templates are provided for free to professors to help make their course materials more aesthetically appealing. Templates are grouped by themes such as liberal arts, society, environment, economics, and others. There are also templates for outlines, column displays, concept maps, flowcharts, and data diagrams such as tree diagrams, bar charts and pie charts. Professors can simply log on to the Portal website, click on the main EKU menu, and find the Power Point Templates menu on the bottom left. These templates are only offered to KU faculty members.