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G-class is an online system, whereby lectures are conducted by means of co-teaching between prominent professors in foreign countries and professors here at Korea University in live classes. That is, a lecture by a professor in another country is streamed live into a KU class taught by a KU professor. The CTL e-Learning Team can provide some technical support to professors or their teaching assistants for successful and smooth G-Class management each semester.

G-class Website Adobe Connect Pro Live NX (kor) (eng) G-class Application Procedures

A limited number of G-Class arrangements are possible each semester. Please contact the Academic Affairs Office for more information.

STEP 1Among KU full-time faculty those who are interested may apply to the Academic Affairs Office before the start of each semester STEP 2The Academic Affairs Office will select the foreign professor to deliver the G-Class lectures and opens the class. STEP 3Applying for technical support. The CTL arranges for IDs and access to the G-Class system, and can provide basic training for professors and/or their TAs, either online or at the CTL. Support is provided before the semester begins or at the start of the semester. Applicants can request support through the online application. [Add link here to online application] STEP 4Lectures begin.