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Teaching & Learning Enhancement
Teaching & Learning Infrastructure Support Educational Resources Authoring Tools ICT Use Support OER (Open Educational Resources)
e-Learning Team aims to globalize education and improve the quality of higher education through ICT use. To achieve this, e-Learning team provides teaching & learning infrastructure, educational resources authoring tools, open educational resources, etc.
Teaching & Learning Infrastructure Support
EKU (e-Learning Korea University)

A Learning Management System(LMS), which supports teaching and learning activities(managing lecture materials, quizzes, team projects and discussions, submitting assignment, etc.) in online.

Report plagiarism detection system

A system which calculates a percentage of plagiarism by comparison between students’ assignments submitted on EKU.

Real-time Lecture System (G-class) / Real-time Meeting System (KU Connect)

Providing a solution and technical supports for G-class(global lectures conducted by co-teaching between KU faculty and foreign faculty) and KU Connect(real-time web seminars & meetings)

KU Connect
Student response system (CPS Pulse) rental

A system which enables instructors to receive students’ answers via a portable receiver(clicker), view the results in chart format, and save the data for later analysis.

Educational Resources Authoring Tools

An eBook publishing solution for digitizing documents and educational resources.

eStream Presto

A course materials authoring tool for producing and editing video lectures.


A course material authoring tool for creating visual resources such as flow charts, diagrams, mind maps and etc.

PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint and Keynote templates via EKU (for faculty) and the CTL webpage (for students).

ICT Use Support
ICT Use Support

Workshops for training in more effective use of educational software such as PowerPoint, Prezi, and cloud tools

Use Training

Offline training for effective use of teaching & learning technological infrastructure and educational resources authoring tools provided by the CTL

Manuals (eBooks)

Manuals for teaching & learning technology support and educational resources authoring tools provided by the CTL, mostly in eBook format.

Online Consulting for Smart Tools Use

Online consulting for using smart tools (e.g., SNS and cloud tools) in the classroom for faculty members and teaching assistants.

Open Educational Resources
Open KU

A platform for public users to access OERs produced at KU, share knowledge, and participate in multilingual translation.

OCW (Open Course Ware)

A support program for faculty to generate lecture notes, audios, and videos and publish OERs.

KUREKA (Korea University + eureka)

A peer-to-peer platform for students to create OER videos to share knowledge, know-how, and skills.

Copyright Support More info

Provide copyright information, offline workshops, and online consulting for open education.