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Intended for the improvement of the major-related general subjects’ basic learning ability, Learning Guide is a tutoring program involving 25 hours of tutoring over one semester (1-2 times a week) for a group of students in the same course. The tutor is a more advanced student who has previously taken the course, has received an A/A+ letter grade (GPA above 3.5) in the course, and has been recommended by the professor teaching the course.

Course Coverage

General classes

Help is provided for the improvement of the basic learning ability for the major-related general subjects.

Large classes

Separate help is provided for major subjects.

English lecture

Tutees can freely ask tutors questions and receive extra help on contents that they might have missed during the English lecture.

Program Overview

Faculty qualifications The course must be taught by a full-time faculty member at the main Anam campus.

The following are the qualifications and requirements for

① the professor supervising the tutor(s) and the courses allowed;
② for the tutors; and
③ for the tutees.

Requirements for Professors Each professor must meet with the tutor(s) at least once. Professors must participate in a satisfaction survey after the course ends. Continuous feedback and supervision are to be provided for tutoring activities. Course Criteria Each faculty member can apply for tutors for one or two courses. Tutors can be arranged for undergraduate courses in their major, and general courses related for their major (except for laboratory courses). One tutor is allowed per course, but more than one tutor may be allowed for a large class. Tutor Qualifications : A student can tutor in the program if s/he has received a letter grade of A+ or A (GPA above 3.5) from the course in a previous semester, and has been recommended and nominated as a tutor by the professor of the course. Requirements : 25 hours of tutoring over one semester are required, plus regular submission of weekly reports with the participation of more than 10 tutees. Benefits : A work scholarship is provided. Scholarship : A scholarship will be awarded after completing tutoring activities; it will be revoked if the tutoring amounts to less than 10 hours of tutoring. Tutee Qualifications : Students currently taking a qualifying course and who are in need of tutoring can qualify.


STEP 1Faculty applications and tutor recommendations. STEP 2Faculty examination and selection by CTL STEP 3Tutors are selected, and tutees apply for tutoring. STEP 4Tutors submit paperwork and documents (application form, KU academic transcripts, and list of tutees) STEP 5Orientation session. STEP 6Tutoring begins (weekly report submissions required). STEP 7Midterm report meeting STEP 8Satisfaction survey. STEP 9Best tutor award and final report meeting STEP 10Scholarship award. Reliability of the Program

The CTL ensures that the Learning Guide program is reliable and effective with the following quality control measures.

① Tutors submit weekly reports and other reports. Thus, the CTL continuously supervises overall progress.
② Continuous communication between the professor and tutors.
③ The best tutors are selected, and incentives are provided for tutors by means of scholarship funds and the best tutor award.
④ Tutors and tutees share ideas and feedback through the midterm and final report meetings.