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Learning Enhancement
Strategic Communicative Creative Collaborative Global
Learning Team aims to support various activities for enhancing self-directed learning skills of KU students. To achieve this, Learning team provides strategic learning programs, communicative learning programs, creative learning programs, collaborative learning programs, global learning programs, etc.
Strategic Learning
Coaching : Learning High

A 1:1 coaching program that helps students with effective study habits by examining their own learning profiles.

Workshops : Learning Strategies

Workshops designed to learn and practice various strategies for effective learning.

Communicative Learning
Clinic : Writing and Speaking Clinic

A 1:1 writing and speaking program that helps students improve their Korean communication skills.

Workshops : Excellent Communication

An intensive program for discussion, presentation, and speaking skills, designed to help students improve their academic communication skills.

Creative Learning
Student Researching Support : Creative Challenger Program

A program designed to encourage students to do research, experiments, or social work to solve self-proposed tasks and problems in their area of interest.

Workshops : Critical Thinking Skills

Workshops for developing analytic thinking skills and creativity needed for academic studies.

Collaborative Learning
Peer Tutoring : Learning Guides for Major Courses

A tutoring program in which a former top student tutors current students in a particular course.

KU Peer Tutoring

A voluntary tutoring community in which tutors help tutees with regular course work and academic English skills.

Global Learning
Workshops : Academic English

Workshops designed to help students improve their skills for English-mediated lectures and their academic English abilities.

English Presentation Competition : Global Presentation Competition

Held in collaboration with Waseda University to improve Korean and Japanese students’ English presentation skills and cultivate a global mindset