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Programs for Specific Purposes

In addition to programs for all faculty members, CTL offers special programs for specific purposes. These include:

The New Faculty Orientation for new professors before each semester Teaching workshops for part-time lecturers every semester The EMI (English Mediated Instruction) program for graduate students who are potential future teachers, and who will use English in their future academic and teaching careers. New Faculty Orientation

This program is held before the start of each semester for new faculty members. Experienced professors share their ideas about teaching effectiveness, style and methods, classroom assessment (e.g., exams, assignments, and grading), and other teaching issues, with new professors.

Teaching methods workshops for part-time lecturers

These workshops are for part-time lecturers. Seminars in creative teaching methods, best lectures practices workshop, and academic English and English lecture skills are offered every semester.

Graduate course for future professors

This graduate course for future professors is listed as CTL810, and is intended for Ph.D. students who teach or will teach at colleges and universities in the future. Students in this course can learn the pedagogical theories and teaching methods necessary for college teaching. Students can also design their own lectures from what they have learned in this course, and they can practice delivering sample lectures and receive feedback.

E-mail : ctl@korea.ac.kr Tel : 02-3290-1582 EMI (English Mediated Instruction)

The EMI (English Mediated Instruction) program is designed for graduate students who will likely be future professors or teachers, with seminars in academic English and English lecture skills. Examples of EMI seminars are as follows.

Strategies for academic English Academic English structure and style Lecture expression and strategies English speaking skills Coherence and cohesion in writing Refining one's style and expression Writing for the teaching career Advanced lecture and presentation techniques

Students can attend the seminars simply for their own self-edification, or they can pursue an EMI certificate from the CTL. This involves attending a required number of seminars, turning in a portfolio of teaching and professional materials, and participating in a micro-teaching workshop.

For more information, contact the CTL, or see the website for the EMI seminar series.

E-mail : ctl@korea.ac.kr Tel : 02-3290-1578 ,9