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What is the Professional Teaching Program (PTP)?

The Center for Teaching and Learning offers the Professional Teaching Program (PTP) to assist new faculty members in developing and improving their professional teaching abilities. The PTP consists of several teaching-related workshops and individual coaching sessions. New KU faculty members are required to complete the PTP program requirements by their reappointment year (usually the 3rdyear).

PTP program overview
Requirements Descriptions Frequency # of sessions required
New Faculty OT Orientaion for New Faculty Members Once per academic term 1
Workshops EAP (English for Academic Purposes) workshops Every month 3
ETT (Effective Teaching Tips) workshops Every two months
Special Teaching workshops /
Best Teaching Practices workshops
Twice per academic term
Coaching EMC (English Mediated Course) Coaching By appointment 2
General Instructional Coaching
Micro-teaching An analysis of a sample teaching presentation and discussion Twice per month 1
How to apply E-mail : Tel : 02-3290-1578,9