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What is Micro-teaching?

Professors can improve their teaching effectiveness by participating in a micro-teaching workshop. Each participant presents a sample lecture of 10-15 minutes, which is recorded. The presenters will then discuss their presentations and receive feedback from the other participants and a trained consultant, a CTL professor. The micro-teaching workshop is required for most new faculty members (i.e., for those who come under the PTP requirements).

Professors can receive feedback on these and other areas: lecture organization, teaching style, explaining concepts, classroom activities, vocal delivery, presentation skills, audience interaction, pronunciation, speaking style, use of multimedia, lesson design, lesson activities, and any other relevant aspects of teaching and lecturing.


Korea University faculty

Requirements Each session includes 2-3 participants. Professors are to prepare a 10-15 minute sample lecture (for those who teach in English, the lecture should be in English). How to apply

Apply through the CTL homepage (http://ctl.korea.ac.kr) at your convenience.

E-mail : ctl@korea.ac.kr Tel : 02-3290-1579