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What are Small Group Workshops?

The CTL offers small group workshops, which consist of a series of two to four weekly sessions within one month. Each workshop series focuses on a specific aspect of teaching skills (pedagogical workshops), or academic English and lecture skills (English for Academic Purposes seminars). Up to 10 professors can attend each workshop session.

Target audience

Korea University faculty

EAP (English for Academic Purposes) workshops with a native-speaking teaching professional

EAP workshops provide professors a forum to discuss current academic issues and/or pedagogical methods in English. Each EAP series consists of two sessions a month, with the topics varying by month.

EAP workshop topics

EAP Lecture Skills: This module focuses on general lecture skills and English lecture skills, as seen in examples of classroom lectures by professors at other universities. By viewing, critiquing, and discussing academic lectures, participants can gain ideas for improving their own lecture style and technique. Topics include lecture expressions, style, organization, speaking skills, presentation skills, and delivery techniques.
EAP Discussion: In the Discussion module, participants view videos of professional and experienced public speakers, and then discuss issues raised in the videos. The videos deal with current issues of educational and academic interest, or other topics of current interest in different fields. The discussion may focus on issues related to academia, teaching, or more general issues. Participants can also learn some English expressions and learn from examples of effective public speaking.
EAP Writing: Issues in high-level academic and professional English writing are covered in this module, such as coherence, organization, transitional expressions, academic writing style, definite and indefinite articles, wording, and other issues that affect Korean or non-native writers of English.
EAP English self-improvement: This module provides a forum for professors to discuss and trouble-shoot problems of lecturing in English, such as language skills and teaching effectiveness. Professors can learn better on their own, if they know how to learn English in a manner that is related to their interests or their fields of study. We will discuss strategies for improving English more naturally and practically. We will also address psychological barriers to learning and using English.

ETT (Effective Teaching Tips) by a teaching professional

The ETT (Effective Teaching Tips) workshop is a small group workshop on effective teaching methods, which provides a chance to discuss classroom teaching in general. The ETT modules consist of a series of two workshops covering different subjects once every two months. The first session of the ETT workshop concerns description and discussion, and the second session concerns planning and application to participants' lectures, and feedback.

ETT workshop topics

Topics include course design, course activities, and learning evaluation. The following are examples of previous ETT workshop topics.

- Systematic course design
- Effective exam development
- Creative teaching methods
- Communicating learning evaluation
- How to use Informational Early Feedback (IEF)
- Storytelling of my lecture

How to apply

Apply through the CTL homepage (

E-mail : Tel : 02-3290-1579