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What are Special Teaching Workshops?

Special teaching workshops are held occasionally to provide tips and ideas for professors to enhance their teaching skills, or to add to their repertoire of teaching methods. These are conducted by CTL research professors, or by scholars invited from other universities. Also, Best Teaching Practices workshops, lunch workshops featuring talks by those who have received the Best Teaching Award at KU, are held each semester, in which award recipients share their successful teaching methods.


Korea University faculty

Topics of Special Teaching Workshops Various topics by various speakers, e.g.: active learning methods, using research papers in courses, assessment issues, and getting articles published in academic journals. Best Teaching Practices workshops, for professors in (1) humanities and social sciences, and (2) natural sciences and medicine. How to apply

Apply through the KUCTL homepage (http://ctl.korea.ac.kr) at your convenience.

E-mail : ctl@korea.ac.kr Tel : 02-3290-1579