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Teaching Enhancement
Professional Innovative Reflective Collaborative Global
Teaching team aims to study the teaching strategies and methods, and support to apply these to field curriculum. To achieve this, teaching team provides the professional teaching programs, innovative teaching programs, reflective teaching programs, global teaching programs, etc.
Professional Teaching
PTP(Professional Teaching Program)

A comprehensive and systematic program consisting of a variety of services to enhance professors’ teaching skills: New Faculty Orientation, coaching, microteaching, teaching workshops, etc.

Innovative Teaching
Special Lectures : Special Lectures in Pedagogy

Lectures on the latest instructional theories and teaching methods.

Small Group Workshops : Effective Teaching Tips

Workshops designed to introduce and practice a variety of teaching methods and techniques for effective teaching.

Coaching : Pedagogical Coaching

A 1:1 customized coaching program to discuss any aspect of teaching, with an education expert.

Reflective Teaching

Each session consists of a short demonstration lecture, flowed by reflection and discussion with colleagues and education experts.

Collaborative Teaching
Workshops : Best Teaching Practices Workshops

Give opportunities for professors to share and discuss other colleagues’ teaching styles and methods.

Communities : Faculty Learning Communities

Collaborative work groups to encourage professors in developing solutions and making improvements in their teaching methods with other colleagues with the same needs.

Global Teaching
Small-group Workshops : English for Academic Purposes

Participate in English-mediated workshops which provide support and advice for academic English and lecture skills.

Coaching : English Lecture Skills Coaching

A 1:1 customized coaching program designed to help with English-mediated instruction, provided by an education expert.

Other Programs
Graduate Course for Future Instructors

Designed for graduate school students to learn pedagogical theories and teaching methods necessary for a professional career in college teaching

English-Mediated Instruction Program

Designed for graduate students and comprised of seminars in academic English skills and professional development skills for teaching and academic work in English. Includes skills enhancement for lecturing, presentations, academic writing, etc.