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How to get to Korea University

Korea University is located in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul and it takes about 60-90 minutes by car from Incheon International Airport. For more detailed information on transportation from the airport to destinations in Seoul, please visit http://www.airport.or.kr.

Limousine bus from Inchon International Airport

Bus No. 6101 (heading toward Dobong and Seongdong) at bus stops 3B and 10A outside the passenger terminal. Cost: 13,000 KRW You may purchase bus tickets at the passenger terminal outside the airport, and buses come in 20-40 minute intervals from 6:00am to 10:00pm. For more detailed bus information, call 02-551-0790 Bus Route Bus Route

Taxi from Incheon International Airport

Regular taxi (base rate: 2,400 KRW): Cost about 50,000-60,000 KRW Deluxe taxi (base rate: 5,000 KRW): Keep in mind that the fare for deluxe taxis costs much more

※ Taxi fares vary depending on traffic conditions; the taxi fare listed above is the average rate. Ask the taxi driver to drop you off at Korea University (pronounced as 'Go-ryo Dae-hak-kyo).


Departure: Airport Railroad (Incheon International Airport station) → transfer at Gongdeok station to Line 6 → Arrive at Korea Univ. Station - Fare: 3,950 KRW - Time: 76 Min Map View Map Down Subway

KUBA Korea University Buddy Assistance (pickup service)

"Buddy" volunteers may be available to pick you up at the airport to help you. If you need this pick-up service, please contact the Office of International Affairs via email. Also, you need to download some required documents and fax them at least two weeks in advance.
※ You are required to pay for this service.

Homepage: http://studyabroad.korea.ac.kr/outgoing/index.jsp E-mail : studyabroad@korea.ac.kr Telephone : +82-2-3290-2965 Fax : +82-2-922-5820

Finding the CTL on campus

"The CTL is located in the Central Plaza, near the main gate of the central campus, in rooms 121 and 122. It is in the back hallway, where a number of lockers fill the sides of the hallway (behind the convenience store, and behind the main hallway with the health clinic and One Stop Center).

"From Korea University station exit 1, turn right and go up the walkway (westward) and then along the paved road, past the Millenium Building on your right. You will then see a wide open area, with steps leading down to an underground building, which is the Central Plaza. Proceed down the steps and find the CTL in the back hallway. If you enter near the Millenium Building, enter the Central Plaza and turn left down the main hallway, and then turn right toward the back hallway.

"From Anam station exit 2, go straight (eastward) along the main road for about 100 meters, then turn left into one of the small gateways to the campus. Go past the Student Union Building (a 4-story building by the entrance), veer right, and go past the basketball court. You will then see a wide open area; find the steps leading down to the underground building, which is the Central Plaza. Proceed down the steps and find the CTL in the back hallway.

"If coming to campus by bus or taxi, get off at the Main Gate, which is right in front of the entrances to the Central Plaza. Go down the steps, and find the CTL in the back hallway. However, some buses do not stop near the Main Gate. Some may stop near Anam station or the university hospital near Anam station (see directions above). Others instead stop near Korea University station (or sometimes "Ko-dae-ahp sam-guh-ri" on the bus announcements). Some buses stop along Jong-am Road, near Sungrae Elementary School, which is a few hundred meters north of Korea University station; from there, walk south toward the Lyceum building and Korea University station, and find the CTL from there.

E-mail : ctl@korea.ac.kr Telephone : 02-3290-1579